School Districts

Solar at schools provides great educational opportunities for students and great financial benefits for the district. These resources will walk you through the benefits of solar energy, U.S. and Texas solar schools, available financing options, frequently asked questions, and additional information.

LBJ Middle School

Why Solar at Schools?

Schools throughout the state are installing solar on their buildings.  Some compelling reasons for expanding solar at schools are covered in this section.

US Solar Schools

U.S. Solar Schools

As a part of the commitment to increase understanding of the use of solar at K- 12 schools, the Solar Foundation (TSF) and its research partners at the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) have built the most comprehensive database known of K-12 schools that have gone solar in the United States.

Resources for Schools Going Solar

Resources to Go Solar

The following resources offer guidance for schools on the steps to going solar and potential financing methods.


Texas ISD Solar Case Studies

Texas ISD Case Studies

Here you will find case studies on the following Texas school districts who chose to go solar. The case studies showcase the installations, funding sources used, cost savings realized, and ways that solar was integrated into curriculum and school culture.