The following calculators are designed for a variety of audiences, including consumers interested in assessing the potential of their PV systems and exploring financing options as well as professionals interseted in advanced decision making and technical tools.

Assess PV Potential


Advanced Decision Making and Technical Tools (Industry Professionals, Government Officials, & Real Estate Professionals)


Assess Solar Potential


Let’s Go Solar 

Estimates cost and energy savings based on your electricity bill while also approximating the necessary size of your solar system based on your energy needs.  They also provide information on policies, incentives, and solar companies/installers.



Provides an easy-to-use database of pre-screened solar installers and an interface for comparing solar quotes across the area.


Project Sunroof 

A Google project that helps visually map solar potential.  Input your address to see hours of usable sunlight per year, available rooftop area for solar panels, estimated net savings, recommended solar installation size, and more!


PV Watts

Determine the expected energy production of your solar panels or double-check whether an installer's proposal is likely to pan out using this calculator from the Department of Energy. Simply input the address, use or adjust the default settings as desired, and enter the kW size proposed. The calculator will estimate how much energy (and the value of the energy) the system is expected to produce.




Solar Power Calculator 

Estimates the cost of installing a solar system and the potential ROI based on different financing options.


Solar Estimate Calculator 

Allows you to calculate the cost of solar panels and savings as well as compare solar quotes. 


Solar Plano Advocates 

A worksheet that guides you through calculating total installed and net instllaed cost, cost per kWh, and estimated cost savings over 30-40 years.


Ultimate Solar Calculator

Compares leasing versus buying; from the Institute for Local Self-Reliance.


Advanced Decision Making and Technical Tools (Solar Professionals, Government Officials, & Real Estate Professionals)


Solar Advisor Model (SAM) from NREL 

A performance and financial mdoel designed to facilitate decision making for people involved in the renewable energy industry, including project managers and engineers, policy analysts, technology developers, and researchers.  Makes performance predictions and cost of energy estimates for grid-connected power projects.


Strategic Priorities and Impact Analysis Data and Tools

A variety of tools for renewable energy decision makers covering the cost and performance characteristics of renewable energy technologies in a variety of industries.


Voltage Loss Calculator

Determines the smallest size wire an installer can use for a solar array; from Rimstar.


PV Value

Allows real estate professionals to make an approximate value determination for solar panels on a property.  Requires some technical knowledge to answer some of the questions. Developed by the U.S. Department of Energy and vetted though Sandia National Laboratory with the help of countless appraisers, real estate brokers and agents, and others.