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Texas State of Solar

Solar power is an emerging clean energy option that can positively impact Texas’ environment and save consumers money on their electric bills. Texas is a prime location for solar technology due to the region’s climate and geography. Solar power can provide much of the needed electricity when electricity demand is highest - when it’s hot and the sun is shining.

With proper implementation, solar energy will help to improve air quality by decreasing the amount of fossil fuel power generation needed. This corresponds to reduced emissions that contribute to Texas' air pollution and current non-attainment status for the pollutant ozone in several regions.


Texas Electric Grid and Reliability of Solar Energy

Utility scale renewable energy has proven to be a reliable source of electricity for Texas. Solar energy is rapidly expanding across the state of Texas and is a compliment to the ever-expanding wind energy already in place. These renewable resources are a benefit to the energy security of the state.


Opportunities for Local Governments: Solar PV

Local governments have many opportunities to take advantage of the benefits of solar photovoltaics (Solar PV).