Local Governments

The success of solar is largely dependent on local government support. Decisions about planning, permitting, zoning, codes, etc. are made at the local level and can decide how solar friendly, or unfriendly, a municipality is. This portal provides resources and examples for Texas local government staff.


Government Best Management Practices

Best Management Practices

These resources are meant to assist cities with planning and soft cost reduction so that homeowners, businesses, schools, and other entities interested in solar energy have an easier path to getting solar up and running.


SolSmart Designation

SolSmart Designation

SolSmart is a national community designation program, funded by the U.S. Department of Energy, designed to recognize communities that take steps to make it easier for businesses and residents to go solar. Communities committed to pursuing SolSmart designation will be eligible for no-cost technical assistance from a team of national solar and local government experts.


Government Securing Funds

Incentivizing and Financing Solar

One of the most critical steps a local government can take in supporting solar is to create local solar incentives and to demonstrate the viability of solar power themselves through installations on municipal properties.


Government Best Management Practices

Cost-Benefit Analysis

These documents, developed by Frontier Associates, present information and analysis about five model solar applications likely to be of interest to local government officials. Frontier produced a detailed report, 2-page fact sheets, and Microsoft Excel-based financial pro forma templates that can be customized and applied to specific projects under consideration.


Government Case Studies

Community Solar

Community solar is one way to improve citizens' accessibility to solar energy.  These resources provide an overview of community solar, its benefits, and current community solar programs in Texas.


Government Case Studies

Local Government Solar Initiatives

Want to find out how other jurisdictions are making solar work for them? These are the projects, programs, and policies from Texas solar leaders.


Inspectors, Firefighters, and Code Officials

Inspectors, Firefighters, & Code Officials

These resources are meant to educate and assist inspectors, firefighters, and code officials to the relevant issues surrounding solar PV systems.