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Solar power is an emerging clean energy option that can positively impact North Texas’ environment and save consumers money on their electric bills. Dallas-Fort Worth is a prime location for solar technology and its growth due to the region’s climate and geography. Solar power can provide much of the needed electricity when electricity demand is highest - when it’s hot and the sun is shining.

With proper implementation, solar energy will help to improve air quality by decreasing the amount of fossil fuel power generation needed. This corresponds to reduced emissions that contribute to Texas' air pollution and current nonattainment status for the pollutant ozone in several regions.


Solar 101

Solar 101

Learn the basics about solar energy, terminology, and equipment.


Business Owners

Steps for Going Solar

Considering installing a solar energy system? Now what? Steps for Going Solar provides details on solar energy systems, costs, tools for determining if solar is right for your property, and more.


Case for Solar in Texas

The Case for Solar

The benefits of solar for the State of Texas, the environment, and the individual are many. Learn about each of them here.



To learn more about the SolSmart program, designated cities, and resources available for cities interested in pursuing a SolSmart designation, explore here.

State of Solar in Texas

The State of Solar

Solar in Texas has taken off. The State of Solar offers charts and statistics to help tell the story.

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