Solar for Local Governments

Local government officials will gain a fundamental understanding of residential and commercial photovoltaic systems, components that comprise a system and their functional role, basic mechanical and physical characteristics of solar panels, and be provided answers to many common questions - including many you may not know what to ask.

Topics include:

  • Overview of solar energy with definitions
  • Economics of solar energy
  • Common concerns and misconceptions
  • Strategic planning for 10, 20, and 30 years
  • Permitting and ordinance considerations
  • Expedited permitting

Trainer Biography: Dan Lepinski, PSC is a leading expert in the solar energy industry. Mr. Lepinski has over 40 years of experience designing solar PV systems and equipment. He serves on the UL Standards Technical Panel, the Solar Industry Task Force that interfaces with the National Fire Protection Association, and the Solar America Board for Codes and Standards. Mr. Lepinski has taught a variety of audiences and consulted on a variety of subjects and client projects pertaining to Solar PV.


PowerPoint Presentation

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Part 1

  1. Brief History & Overview of Solar Energy
  2. Economics of Solar Energy
  3. Benefits to a Municipality
  4. What can municipal governments do?
  5. Expedited Permitting
  6. Standardize permit requirements
  7. Ordinances
  8. What is Community Solar?
  9. PACE Financing
  10. Net Metering
  11. Other Things
  12. Myths/Facts
  13. Strategic Planning

Part 2

  1. Permitting
  2. Expedited Permitting
  3. Solar Technology
  4. Solar Electric Demonstration
  5. Final Words

Total Length: 2 hours