Solar Rights

solar rightsSolar Rights is one of the special focus categories for the SolSmart designation program. To achieve a Bronze designation, a city must earn at least 20 points across the six Special Focus categories. A city must earn at least 100 points overall for a Silver designation or at least 200 points overall for a Gold designation. Below is a list of regional guidance and best practice documents. When regional examples are not available, national examples are available through SolSmart resources.







Conduct review of state policies related to protecting rights of property owners to install solar and solar system owners' rights to sunlight on their property. Make this information available to residents (5 points).



Provide consumer protection resources on solar that help consumers make informed solar PV purchasing decisions (5 points).


City of Cedar Hill Consumer Protections



Develop local process to enable solar rights through a solar access ordinance (10 points).

Resources & Best Practices

Model Ordinance Guidelines for Municipalities (page 29)



Offer procedure for recording solar energy easements for property owners (10 points).



Engage homeowners and neighborhood associations and discourage unnecessarily restrictive requirements for solar PV through meetings with leadership (10 points).

**Earn an additional 5 points (SR-5b): Encourage subdivisions to consider shared solar allowances.

**Earn an additional 5 points (SR-5c): Work with homeowners associations to develop appropriate guideline documents for solar PV.

Resources & Best Practices

Engage Homeowners Associations (BMP Resources)

Solar Rights and Regulations



Local Innovation: Please describe your local innovation regarding Solar Rights. Be sure to explain how this helps reduce the soft cost of solar PV in your community (up to 20 points).




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