Construction Codes

construction codesConstruction Codes is one of the special focus categories for the SolSmart designation program. To achieve a Bronze designation, a city must earn at least 20 points across the six Special Focus categories. A city must earn at least 100 points overall for a Silver designation or at least 200 points overall for a Gold designation. Below is a list of regional guidance and best practice documents. When regional examples are not available, national examples are available through SolSmart resources.






Develop and provide Solar Ready Construction Guidelines for developers to enable lower cost installation of future solar installations on buildings within the permitting office and online (10 points).

**Earn an additional 10 points (CC-1b): Include guidance for solar PV on parking lots and other types of nontraditional structures.



Require or incentivize new construction to be solar ready to complete future installations at lower cost (10 points).

Resources & Best Practices

Adopt a Solar-Ready Ordinance (BMP Resources)



Offer design guidelines for solar PV aligned with National Electrical Code and fire code (20 points).


City of Plano Photovoltaic System Installation Handout Notes (2014 National Electrical Code)



Adopt the most recent codes from the International Code Council. Appendix U from the 2015 International Residential Code (IRC) regarding solar ready construction must be adopted to receive credit (20 points).


City of Plano Codes & Ordinances (2015 International Residential Code)



Local Innovation: Please describe your local innovation regarding Construction Codes. Be sure to explain how this helps reduce the soft cost of solar PV in your community (up to 20 points).




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